Flags can be set with the tool "Auto-Flagging" after the sorting process. All elements are flagged with a label (in one step) and can be processed much more quickly.


order of occurance

Changeable options for sort order

Operation direction

Operation direction:

  • top down or

  • bottom-up (reverse)

Keep first in group (default)

Stri ctly flags all files excepting the very first one in each group

Keep first 'Repo' in group

Tries to keep the first REPO file in each group. If there is not any REPO file, the very first file is left unflagged

Keep all 'Repo' files

Does not flag any REPO file at all

pre-check file-existence (slow!)

flags only files which really exist

skip multi-image files

doesn't flag files, which contain more than one image (multi-page images or movies)

invert meaning of SCAN and REPO

use this, if you accidentally mixed up SCAN with REPO before starting the search process

cancel (don't change any flags)

cancel (don't change any flags)