Select existing category values

The category value "Arts' n Crafts" has already been created. The "X" instead of the "+" in front of this category value means that the selected folder is added to the favorites list below. You don't have to scroll down the menu for each element. Thus, a rapid access to the existing and mostly used category values is assured.

In the menu "View", all files are visible, which were imported to the server. (again: Orange = category, Purple = Category value)




Category (here: Serie )

Existing category provided by the server

Search (DropDown menu)

Searching for available/existing category values on the serve

Acquire new category value on server

Create new category values on the server


Hierarchical display of the integration structure of categories (you may rename, move or delete category values right here)

Select images/download/attachments/12320843/%2B.png or images/download/attachments/12320843/x.png

By selecting images/download/attachments/12320843/%2B0.png , categories values are moved to the favorite list below. images/download/attachments/12320843/x.png means that this category value has already been moved in the favorite list below.


Display of the image elements, which are located in this directory (folder hierarchy has already been exported to the DoublePics server) on the server

The feature "view







Category value ( Sylt ) und integration point (DotNetfabrik/sonstwo /Kerstin )


Information about/on element

Drag the mouse over the bottom of the image and you will get more information about the current image element (image size, hash, hash algorithm name of the image, etc.)



Hierarchical integration structure of category, integration points, category values and date of export to the server



Details about/on the integrating structure (see below)


Category value options (via thumbnail)

Category values may be moved, downloaded, renamed, shown in separate tab and deleted (see below)



Image element is shown enlarged in a separate window (when the clicking the thumbnail )

The function "manage"

The deeper you step into the hierarchy and select an appropriate folder, the more details and options of the category value will be enabled. In this case, the category " Serie" , the integration points "sonstwo" and " Kerstin Leest " are selected to display the image elements of the category value "Sylt". At this point it is possible, among other things, to rename category values, to move them to other integration nodes and to delete them. This is not possible at any other point in the program.




View in separate tab

Each element of the category value will be shown in a separate tab.


Each element of the category value will be downloaded in a local folder chosen by the user


Rename the category value (only possible at this point)

Move to other integration point

At this point, category values can be moved to another point of integration (for example, the category value Sylt from " sonstwo " - " Kerstin Leest" to " Büro (neu) - Markus Springweiler". This can be undone at any time - by moving again )


Delete category values

Details (bottom left)

Details of the hierarchical structure and the database exports to the server, that have already taken place