Image filter

Using the image filter, you may search for many criteria relating to image elements. This function can be selected by the drop down menu next to the icon images/download/thumbnails/13894460/Insert.png . All available filter options will show up.

After selecting the filter criteria (highlighted in blue), the actual filter menu appears, where the indicators for determining the data elements has to be entered.

In our example, we search the database for photos we've taken on Sylt in 2011. Select the appropriate database in the folder (tree) (1) and checkmark "recursive" (includes subfolders) (2), because all image elements are in subfolders of the database. We search the file filter (3) by "Date taken" and the option "before that day". If you only remember that the Sylt holiday took place in the autumn of 2011, the option "before that date" and the date as "31.12.2011" would be perfect to select the images of the relevant period (4). The desired images elements show up as preview images in the element list (or if selested as a list).


The image filters can be varied as desired as well. Multiple filters can be selected, which are then linked to each other as a logical AND operation, i.e. only the file elements are displayed which complied with EACH selected criteria. So you may look for the camera model - if known. Select the filter "Model" with the value "COOLPIX S3000 ". As a result, all multi-elements are shown, which have been recorded before 01.12.2011 with a COOLPIX S3000.





Image attributes

Width (Pixel)

Width of the image (in pixels)

Height (Pixel)

Height of the image (in pixels)

Number of pixels

Number of pixels = Width x Height

Bits per pixel

Bits per pixel (Bpp) = color depth

Integrated thumbnail

Width (Pixel)

Width of the integrated thumbnails in pixels

Height (Pixel)

Height of the integrated thumbnails in pixels

Application metadata


Title given to the image


Subject given to the image


Copyright of the image


Application which processed the image

Camera metadata


camera manufacturer


camera model

Date taken

Date, when the image has been taken

Camera date taken

Date taken year

Year, when image was taken

Date taken hour

Hour, when image was taken

Date taken month

Month, when image was taken

Date taken day

Day, when image was taken

Camera sensors

GPS coordinate

Coordinates, where the image has been taken (provided by camera sensor)

GPS direction

View direction. when the image has been taken (provided by camera sensor)

GPS altitude

Altitude of the location,where the image has been taken (provided by camera sensor)


stored oprientation of the image

User and Windows specific data

Acquisition date

Date, when the image has been imoported from a camera


Rating applied to the image


Comment linked with the image

Scan result data


Name of the decoder, which exctracted the image from a file

Thumbnail fingerprint

filters for integrated thumbnails, which have been analyzed by the scan process

Cached preview image

filters for images, a cache preview has been created for

Changeable data stored in Database

False positives

filters for images, which have been assigned as false positives

Image search results

filters for images, which are part of a stored search result