Create a new server search job

With the search job, image elements of the local folder will be compared with the existing image elements of a server, but not yet exported . A search job is required to perform an export job to the server. To create such a search job, the corresponding folder in the tree must be flagged. A right-click with your mouse, will lead you to the menu item "create server search job from here".



No server search job was created yet


Not each server search job has been imported yet

images/download/attachments/12320845/gr%C3%BCn.png images/download/attachments/12320845/gr%C3%BCn.png

All server search jobs have been imported (left hand)

Integration from here (incl. subfolders) were reported as successful by the server (right hand)


There are server search jobs to be imported

At this point, various settings can be optimized/changed in order to refine the search, such as the the

  • Color tolerances,

  • image interferences and

  • image orientations

It makes sense, to select the details/description, that everyone will understand easily, e.g. with the create date or a brief description in the text field.




Short case name

Name of the new search job


Details to the search job (optional)

Email results to

Enter the email address, where the search job result has to be sent

Copy job to

Server (Data has to be entered in the tab "window" at the point "Database/Options")


Refinement options of the search job

Image orientations to be checked

Checks, if the image element is already available on the server - e.g. in a different orientation

Create job

Creates a new search job on the server (does this element already exist?)