Export (Server)

To perform a database export, the corresponding folder/database has to be selected. Clicking the right mouse-button will lead you to the menu item "export folder hierarchy to DoublePics SERVER".


A dialog box opens, where the name of the export (Case-ID), the server and the login data have to be entered.

Tip: It is useful, to extend the name of the case ID with the actual date, so it may be clearly identifiable, which one has been the first and which one the last server export.

If you want to avoid duplicates on the DB, activate the checkbox (point 3 of the table below "include files tagged with [Hashmatch] category...") at this point. If a big green check mark in the window appears, the folder structure has been successfully integrated on the server.





Name/Label the export process (Tip: useful with actual date)

Copy job to

Directory, where the export job is saved on the server - provided by the server (only editable with administration rights)


Text box to leave note

include files tagged with [Hashmatch] category (not recommended)

Checkbox to include/avoid hashmatches

Create and save INTEGRATION job

Launch database export and store the job


Display of export result