These are movies? Do you want to reanalyze files which have already been modified? These and other parameters can be specified at this point. Each folder you want to scan can get a seperate task with different parameters.


Details on options


Scan subfolders

When active, all subfolders which contain a selected path, will be included in the scan task. Hidden folders, system folders and reparse point folders can also be scanned.


Direct access

Describing the method, how DoublePics has to pass the folder structure

without direct access

Cockpit starts passing all folders of the first hierarchy, then the next, etc.

with direct access

Cockpit starts with the first main folder, processes into the whole hierarchy, and does not start the next main folder, until the first main folder with all is sub folders is done.


Include hidden folders

Hidden folders are scanned as well.


Analyze images

Image elements will be included to the analyze process


Drop-down menu for image analysis

Defines the behavior of a re-analyzing operation of a task

don't re-analyze previously analyzed files

Does not re-analyze previously analyzed files

re-analyze modified files

Analyzes only those image elements, which have not been modified yet.

re-analyze DATA and modified files

DoublePics flaggs scanned elements, which Windows does not identify directly as image elements, as DATA. By installing a driver/updates it may be possible to read the DATA elements, but the scan may be limited for these items ,

re-analyze single-image and modified files

Re-analyzes single-images and modified files

Re-analyze all files

Re-analyzes all files


Drop-down menu for detecting movies

Settings for image- and sequence-detection within movies:

no movie detection

Movie detection is deactivated. Movies will not be considered and scanned.

detect and analyze movies

The scan task considers, detects and analyzes movies

Process pre-detected movie from frames (regex)

When analyzing multi-elements (movie files) the detected scenes are archived in a separate folder of the same directory. These elements are called scene files. Enabling this option, the film itself won't be analyzed at first, but the scene files will be consulted for analysis directly .


Log DATA files as errror

Mark elements, that have been classified as DATA, as errorneous.
Enables fast discovery of incompletely or not yet analyzed elements.


Capture file hashes for non-image files


For all the elements that have been added to the queue, the MD5 hash is calculated.
Useful, for example, if elements are compared by hash-base (instead of image similarity).


MD5 hashes are calculated only for elements, that have been detected as image-element or multi-element (movie).


Ignore new files (only check previously analyzed files)

Check previously analyzed files only


Cache previews vor quick and offline access


Details on actions

images/download/thumbnails/3440691/Zwischenablage-8_1.png delete

Deletes a job from the queue.

images/download/thumbnails/3440691/Refresh.png reuse

Reuses an already finished or aborted task.

images/download/thumbnails/3440691/Folder.png select folder in databse-overview

Selects the main folder of the chosen task in the database overview.