If a scan task has started or is already completed, the "progress" window can be opened by clicking on "Found Folders". These details provides information on successfully completed or failed queues.


The opened window shows (in this example), that the scan process #1 (a folder is queued for scanning) 4 items were scanned. Two of them were image elements, and two were identified as DATA (not an image).






Folder with errors

Changes to the page, where details to analysis errors were shown.
See here: Analysis job: Result summary


Analysis of the queued files

# - Sequential number of the folder in data line

SE - Subdirectory retrieval error (on entire directory)

FE - Files retrieval error (on entire directory)

FIles - Number of files/elements in folder

Skip - Number of known and therefore skipped files/elements

Unkn. - Number of unknown files/elements (be counted only if image analysis inactive)

Test f. - values in this column trigger the folder into error state

DATA - Number of modified files/elements, which are flagged as "DATA"

Queued - Number of queued files in the task

a? - files in this folder are in the queue or being processed

Done - Number of successfully analyzed files/elements

Failed - values in this column trigger the folder into error state

Path - Complete path of modified folder



Summary of the modified/processed folders. Abbreviations in #2 (above)