Starting DoublePics

DoublePics - the Sherlock Holmes

of Image Management Tools

Which are the reasons for the decision of purchasing DoublePics?

WHAT is the main task of our software? Managing images, movies and detecting similar elements.

WHAT are the advantages over other software? DoublePics compares images with his Image Patterns Processor - and not with the pure hash value.

HOW does DoublePics work? Is ist able to start on more than one computer? With the C/S- version, simultaneous work from different computers and a central database does not represent any problem at all.

HOW do I start? Creating a new or using an already existing database is a basic requirement to get started with DoublePics.

WHO is predestined to work with DoublePics? Each individual, but authorities, civil services, offices, but any kind of company/organization is qualified as well.

WHAT kind of data can be edited/compared? Images and movies can be edited (categorized) and compared.

WHY is DoublePics better than any other image-comparing software? DoublePics scans your elements and compares the item for differences/relations in the element itself.

ARE YOU an experienced DoublePics user yet? This might probably be interesting for you.

YOU'RE a "Greenhorn "? Then this might be an appropriate entry opportunity.

YOU need more information? Look here.

YOU should obtain an image management software with similarity search and server connectivity for your business/organization/authority? Here is the solution!


On the following pages we want to point out more detailled answers on the issues mentioned above. We also want to introduce our software, its functions, terms and definitions.

But at first we would like you to get familiar with symbols and definitions. Following this, we will guide you through the process - step-by-step - from scanning new elements up to the search result .

Of course we don't want to miss explaining the special features of the server version and the help topics (Use cases, glossary, faq, license management, but technical details for administrators as well), which are located at the end of the manual.

Good luck and have fun with DoublePics!

Last but not least we will explain some of the special technical features of the server version before we escort you to the Help area with its various topics (Use cases, glossary, FAQs, license management, as well as technical details for administrators).

To get some expressions of the application areas you may download the DoublePics FREE version here.

If there are further questions, please feel free to get in contact:

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