FAQ - License management

I have purchased an update, but the program does not work.

To ever use an update, a basic product (Cockpit Personal, Cockpit Plus, Cockpit Professional or Cockpit CS) must be purchased first. If you aleready purchased one of these items and the functionality is still limited, please use our contact form.

My DoublePics license has expired - I don't want to buy an update. Can I use DoublePics anyway?

Of course, the previous version can be used indefinitely, but without the constant upgrades/releases and their new functions/features.

I have purchased an update for my DoublePics Personal Edition 3 years ago. I want to use the new features. Do I have to pay the last 3 years extra?

DoublePics is progressing each day. New features are added, existing are improved. You can always continue to use the existing version without updates/changes. However, it makes perfect sense in this particular case, to upgrade to the Cockpit Plus instead the 3 updates. 3 updates à 15 Euro are 45 €, the cockpit Plus version is 49 € and has much more features. (See here ).

I had a computer crash - my DoublePics doesn't work any longer, because the hardware ID is not matching.

Please get in touch with us - we can solve the problem quickly and unbureaucratically.

I still have an old license for DoublePics, however, the software stops working.

The software should still work despite expired license. Please send us the log files. Where these file are located, you may find here .