Selecting the folder

Each scan/search begins in the overview by selecting a database and the included folders, where the elements to be compared are located. If there is no database yet, the user is prompted at startup, to create a new database. If a new database has to be created, this can be done at anytime in the tab "File".


The selected folder with the scanned elements (scanning elements works the same way in each version) is selected (marked) for further processing.The elements of the selected folder are shown now - depending on the settings - as a list view or as thumbnails.






Directory/Element list

Selection of the folder to be compared (with its elements from the database)



This column will be visible, if a server searchjob has already been executed, if there are importable searchjob results or if all server searchjob results were imported yet
transparent = no server-search job generared yet (files were just scanned into the database)
orange = there are importable Server Search Jobs available (folder hierarchy can be exported to the DoublePics server)
green = all Server Search Jobs were integrated (Export to the server successfully)



This column shows the export results of the folder hierarchy to the DoublePics server
transparent = no export to the DoublePics werde executed to the server yet
green = the created integration (incl. subfolders) has been reported by the server as succesful