Speed optimizations

Allows specific search queries, e.g. only for image elements with similar aspect ratio or image elements with large pixels difference (to find all the thumbnails real quick ).




Aspect ratio

Considers the aspect ratio of image elements in the comparison process.

Same folder exclusive search

Compares only image elements, which are located in the same folder.

Movie grouping

Enables the view of "movie-frame grouping".
The controller/slider determines the percentage agreement of two films, to include the matches in the search results.
Will be shown as an additional tab in the image search results, which consolidates the search hits of entire movies .

Thumbnail difference

This option searches NO duplicates, but those image elements, where the the specified tolerance values of the integrated thumbnail differs from the original image element.

Pixel amount difference

Sets a limit on the maximum difference in the pixel amount of two image elements. Picture elements, whose number of pixels exceed this limit, will not be integrated into the search.