Search result

Hit Groups

Sequential hits: individual image elements may appear in more than one group

Consolidated hits: each picture element is assigned to exactly one group



Hit groups

ID of the currently selected sequential or consolidated group

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Select Previous / Next Group


-/- (Finding order/Number of hits/Number of categories)

internal order of the search results (ascending, not to be inverted)

Number of pixels

Number of pixels (descending)
Size of file (descending)
full element path (ascending )

Size of file

Size of file (descending)
full element path (ascending )

File date

File date, (descending)
full element path (ascending )

Path + File name

full element path (ascending )

File name

full element path (ascending )

Differece (error value)

Difference (per sequential group-reference for consolidated groups)


The search results can be saved with the help of various instruments.

Auto-Flagging: Elements may be processed faster by flagging them after sorting.

Structure Copy: Save the search result in the desired directory on your local hard drive (only available in CS version)

Report: Print version of the search result (only available in Professional and CS version)





More information about the search result


Sort order of hit groups (in order of occurence)

Hits may be sorted by various parameters :

  • Number of pixels

  • File size

  • File Date

  • Path + file name

  • File name

  • Difference (error value)


Configuration of Auto-Flagging

Puts a copy of the search results - with subdirectories, if desired - into the chosen folder on your HDD

Report (only implemented in C/S and Professional)

Personalizing/Editing the report