Delete/remove elements

If you scan an entire directory in DoublePics, non-image elements are analyzed as well, which are not desirable. You may delete them before creating a search job (in C/S version), etc. Select a directory in the folder / tree structure and flag the appropriate files/folders. Proceed as follows:






Select folder

Select the folder, which includes the element to delete/remove


Flag file/element

Flag the element/file to delete/remove by double-clicking.

To finally delete/remove the marked item, there are two options in the tab "File" - remove the file from the database or to finally delete it from the local Hard Drive.

images/download/attachments/13894374/removeelement_engl.png .



Delete all flagged files

Delete the file from the local Hard Drive.

  • "Yes" - Permanently erase all data from your hard drive circumventing the recycle bin)

  • "No" - Moving the files to the recycle bin

  • "Abort" - Files will not be deleted

Remove all flagged file elements

Removing the file element from the database (the file is not deleted from the hard drive, but only removed from the scanned files in the database)