False-positives is called an incorrect search hit, or a pair of image patterns, whose two image patterns are similar, but anyway that different, that you don't want to make a drop decision. These search results will not be shown as a hit in future scans/searches.

A false-positive flag always refers to exactly 2 patterns (flag in the hit group, then select "Tools" - see picture below). The label may be of type "error" or "series". If you select an entire hit group as false-positives in the search result, false-positive pairs are generated between all image patterns of the hit group.
Example: These 10 false positive markings are produced with 5 image patterns A, B, C, D, E in one hit group: AB, AC, AD, AE, BC, BD, BE, CD, CE, DE. 45 pairs are generated in a hit group with 10 image patterns.

However, if you want to include false-positive-pairs for future scans/searches, you may activate this in the advanced settings.

False-positive error

Use the type "error" to highlight pattern-pairs, whose pattern sources are not similar, but you don't want to obtain in future scans/searches as a hit.

False-positive series

Use the type "series" to highlight image elements of an image series, which are similar (in contrast to "false-positive error"), but different enough that you always want to keep both image elements.

During the process , the two types of "errors" and "series" behave identically, but you can filter separately for these two types of false positives.


You analyze two different movies/multi-elements, which were produced by the same motion picture studio.
At the beginning of theses multi-elements, the logo of the studio is shown.
DoublePics will bring these two multi-elements (because of the logo) in association - it is included in both.
Because you know, that these are two completely different movies/multi-elements that have just been produced by the same studio, select the scene files on which the logo is presented as a false-positive series. From now on the two movies/multi-elements are no longer be associated. They won't be found anymore, because during analyzing scene files false-positive series will be ignored by default.