Getting started with DoublePics

How do I reach the goal (the desired result) in DoublePics with a few clicks ?

This chapter in the manual guides you through the program (by means of screenshots) step-by-step and shows how to use this complex software effectively and how to get the desired result within a short time.

This search can be more refined, so that not only identical image elements can be found, but closely related elements as well, which are

  • modified

  • cropped, scaled

  • mirrored, rotated or

  • otherwise (for example by adding logos) have been modified, etc.

It doesn't matter if the images are stored locally or on a remote server (depends on the licensed version).

We also want to show you the categorization of image elements and how to process the delivered search results, e.g.

  • printing

  • sharing via email

  • summary to a Report

  • creating search jobs on a server, etc.