Main menu - Main window

In the main window, the available sub-areas (e.g., overview, read items, etc.) can be moved or docked as desired (see also).


Main Menu


Create new database

Creates a completely new, blank DoublePics database.

Open existing database

Opens an existing DoublePics database and closes the opened one.

Recently used databases

Automatically maintained list of recently opened databases. Clicking on item will open the appropriate database.

Close database

Closes the currently open database.


Scans/Reads the highlighted / selected items into the database (See also Chapter members read).

Export database to DoublePics-server

Opens dialog "Export database to DoublePics-server"

Import CSV hash sets

Opens dialog"Import CSV hash sets"

Delete all flagged files

Deletes all flagged files from storage medium (HDD, USB,...)

Remove all flagged file elements

Removes all flagged file elements from database

Remove all flags

Removes all flags


Exit DoublePics

Refresh Statistics

Refreshes the folder statistics of the currently loaded DoublePics database.



Returns to the main window

Database options and -tools

Hash tree storage (automatic backup) and server connection.


Selection of hash algorithms.

Manage all server search jobs

List of all server search jobs and their delivered results.

Scan & Duplicate finder & Categories

A click will take you to this section directly.

Reset window layout to last stored state

Reset of the window layout to the settings that were saved at the last shutdown or at the start.

Reset window layout to factory defaults

Reset of the current window layout to the settings that were specified by DotNetFabrik.
The manual screenshots are based on this window layout.


Switches to SQL Debug window


Various modification options, as

  • Changing the icon sizes (the scanned images)

  • various options for upcoming scan tasks

  • Automatic update check

  • Allow anonymous usage and performance statistics


Software wizard

Guides you through the basic functions of DoublePics.


Opens the Help menu

Show context help buttons

Displaying the buttons images/download/attachments/3440658/kontexthilfebutton.PNG (direct forwarding to the appropriate help topic)


Forwarding to the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Opens the feedback form to contact DotNetFabrik directly.

Complete Changelog

New functions/features and bug fixes of the respective releases, changes to the previous release

Manually check for updates

Abfrage nach evtl. bereitliegenden Updates der DoublePics-Version

License managament

After the login you

  • may renew your update entitlement period

  • have access to your existing licenses

  • may create and use license activations

  • have access to your Hardware ID

  • can also open the contact form


  • Displays version and license information

  • Contact data DotNetFabrik

  • Operating System Information

  • Diag. (Release of data garbage, current drivers, etc)

  • EULA (End User License Agreement)

  • displays the required open source libraries (third-party software)