Removing hash duplicates?

Is there a possibility to find identical hash files real quick and to remove them?

Yes, this can be done easily with DoublePics File filters:

Use the filter "Hash dupes":


Being finally able to see where the duplicates are, it is just required to move the mouse over the yellow bar images/download/attachments/8290486/yellowbar.png (without clicking). MD5 and Keccak-512 are the pre-selected hash algorithms.
In the list view, the corresponding bar is in the second row behind the thumbnail, in the thumbnail view below the thumbnail.

The appearing information window shows where the element is located on your Hard Disk Drive. In our example they are located on a USB stick (K:\) and on the Local HDD (C:\Bilder\...). On the right hand of "MD5" and "Keccak-512" you see how the hash values look like by using different algorithms.


To emphasize the relationship of the details more efficiently, the same colors werde used (light yellow = other files with the same hash and file size)