The Cockpit - window

Cockpit - Surface

Each window of DoublePics surface can be distributed via drag & drop to another place or even to an additional screens. This feature enables to work much more efficient and more comfortable (e.g. the preview window)

A second option, "to work" with the windows is to exchange them with each other - depending on requirements. The filter window can be moved, hidden, closed (or even moved to a separate monitor) from bottom left (see picture below) to the top right,







These windows can be moved or distributed on different monitors by a simple drag and drop operation. Additional options are displayed in the shortcut menu (by clicking the right button of the mouse) . These are:

  • Float (the window is not firmly docked, but "floats" freely on the surface)

  • Dock (the window is docked, and has a firm place in the program interface)

  • Dock as document

  • Auto Hide (the window is automatically attached as a Tab on the left side of the surface. By clicking, this can be opened anytime)

  • Close (the window is completely removed from the surface and may be reactivated only by right-clicking on the surface again)






Name/designation of the window

By clicking the window title, and simultaneously dragging the mouse images/download/thumbnails/12715125/2.png is activated.


Positionion to be placed

Opens a small diagram. Depending on which of these small icons the window is dragged, the new position is indicated by a blue placeholder. Release the mouse and the window is docked at this position. If this window is dragged to a second monitor, it is visible as a stand-alone window .


New position

The window is now docked permanently at the desired position. This may be changed or reversed at any time.