Collecting, Maintaining & Categorizing

Use Case 1: Collect, maintain and categorize image data

Target group: Private individuals / Companies / Authorities

Components: DoublePics Cockpit


You want quick access to your image collection and a well-organized image management?


Quick access to your image collection and a well-organized image management by virtual categorization of the elements (the local storage location remains the same).

Quick access to your data is conducted in two steps.

Step 1:

The image elements, which are placed on the local Hard Disk Drive (HDD) will be assigned to the created categories. Each image element is - symbolically - deposited in an allocated storage tray.


Step 2:

When the images are categorized, you can access very fast on each element by searching in the appropriate/relevant category. The elements are still located in the same repository on your HDD - the element has just been flagged.



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